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OMG: Omniscient Siri 3D iPhone Cover

@ March 04, 2012

Designed by SaGa Design, the Ominiscient Siri 3D is an accessory which slides onto the iPhone and serves as the 'face' of Siri. The androgynous face has a wry, elusive smile suggesting the machine knows something that the user does not.

Behind Siri's all-knowing gaze, the glow of the iphone screen is visible through the sculpture, and the main buttons are still accessible even when the screen is obscured.

The design, when placed over the iphone, forces the user to interact with Siri instead of tapping on the screen to engage commands.

For more complicated tasks requiring the screen however, the phone can easily be slipped out of the top of the case.

(source: shapeways)

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