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Cool Stuff: Marvel Character Goggles

@ May 12, 2012

These fantastic Marvel goggles will have your kids slipping into character and into the pool this summer!

The scrim on the inside is totally see-through, so kids have the fun of being the hero behind the mask while keeping their eyes dry and comfortable. Each mask comes with an adjustable strap that means they're easy to share.

And frankly, if the Hulk had these goggles in Tales to Astonish #100, Namor really wouldn't have stood a chance.

Product Specifications:
  • Spider-Man, Iron Man, or the Incredible Hulk
  • Adjustable strap makes sizing simple
  • With great power comes great visibility
  • For Ages 3 Years and Up
  • Marvel Character Mask-Style Swimming Goggles
  • Choose from Spider-Man, Iron Man, or the Incredible Hulk
  • Character scrim is see-through so that kids see out while everyone else sees the character
  • Adjustable strap means one-size fits all.
(vía: ThinkGeek)

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