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Cool Stuff: Samsung NX1000 20.3MP WiFi Camera

@ May 10, 2012

Introducing the 20.3 megapixels Samsung Smart Camera NX1000 with 1/4000 fast shutter and Built-in WiFi.

Customized for the NX System, the brand-new, professional-grade, 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor produces images that rival those of any premium DSLR. Each individual pixel has a large sensor area and receives more light, guaranteeing low noise levels, high dynamic range and accurate color differentiation. The higher sensitivity allows you to shoot during low-light situations without graininess or other noise. The new sensor also provides Full HD video output capabilities.

Shutter speed can make the difference between capturing an iconic image and missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The NX1000’s 1/4000 shutter speed gives you the flexibility to shoot like the pros—at varying speeds and light exposures. The NX1000’s shutter even automatically adjusts itself as it senses environmental factors such as temperature and camera direction. And the electronically controlled focal-plane shutter reduces exposure errors.

  • Design: Wi-Fi Camera
  • Image sensor: Effective Pixel: Approx. 20.3 Mega-pixels
  • Image sensor: Image Sensor Type: CMOS
  • Lens: Samsung Lens
  • Image Stabilization: OIS Mode1 / Mode2 / OFF
(source: Samsung Cameras)

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