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Hot Deal: Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner (Handy Cooler)

@ June 25, 2012

This is the authentic Handy Cooler, as featured in MIT's exclusive Technology Review magazine. Cool yourself at the flick of a button with the first ever hand-held evaporative cooling fan on the market.

Featuring efficient & compact design, precision-fit components, and sturdy construction, the Handy Cooler allows you to enjoy yourself in comfort no matter what temperature conditions you have to deal with.

Years of unique engineering research experience have been spent optimizing the design of the Handy Cooler to deliver cooling performance in a compact, convenient package. Use it at home, at school, in the office, at sporting events, on trips – Handy Cooler can go wherever you need a breeze of cool, refreshing air!

Technical Details:
  • Small fan cools air up to 30F. Runs on 4x batteries or USB power (adapter included). Adjustable analog speed control.
  • The original Handy Cooler as featured in the Technology Review magazine (M.I.T.) 2010.
  • Our cooling fan utilizes a 30db whisper-soft turbine system. The perfect desk fan for the office.
  • 90 degree vertical airflow control. Flat bottom surfaces allows easy transformation from a hand held fan to a desk fan.
  • This mini fan produces a 15 knots sensational breeze *measured at outlet vent.
  • Simply add water to activate patent-pending cooling feature.
(vía: Amazon)

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