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Hot Deal: Roland TD-30KV Electronic Drums

@ July 01, 2012

For over a decade, Rolands revolutionary V-Drums have lead the industry in expressive sound quality and incredible playability.

With the introduction of the SuperNATURAL-powered TD-30KV and TD-30K V-Pro Series, the electronic drum set reaches a new pinnacle in drumming performance.

SuperNATURAL sounds with Behavior Modeling, along with advanced sensing technology, provides a new level of expressive sound quality and playability, resulting in an instrument that reacts and responds to all the subtleties, nuances, and dynamics of a drummers technique.

In addition, USB audio-playback functionality has been added to expand the performance palette. For the stage (TD-30KV) or for professional recording (TD-30K), the new V-Pro is truly a complete and natural drumming experience.

Product Features:
  • SuperNATURAL sounds with Behavior Modeling.
  • The amazing new Roland TD-30 Drum Sound Module!
  • Separate USB-MIDI port for computer connectivity.
  • Compact, solid drum rack, black-finished.
(vía: Amazon)

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