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Cool Stuff: Jenga Boom By Hasbro Gamming

@ April 03, 2013

Stack it and "explode" it with this awesome Jenga Boom Game. Just like in the classic Jenga game, you'll need a delicate touch to pull blocks out of the stack without knocking it down. But in Jenga Boom, you have to move fast, because you start the detonator before each turn - and you have to get your block out before your time runs out and the stack "explodes."

Product Details:
  • Be the last one to pull out a block before the whole thing comes crashing down
  • Jenga Boom game is "explosive" fun
  • Pull blocks out of the stack without tipping it over
  • Can you pull your block out before the detonator goes off
  • Game includes 36 Jenga hardwood blocks; toy detonator; stacking sleeve and instructions.
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