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Cool Stuff: Integrated Circuit Hairbrush

@ July 18, 2013

Moore's Law states that in the modern computing era, the number of transistors or integrated circuits in a processor doubles roughly every two years. While that observation has held mostly true from 1971 to 2011, our CPUs have integrated themselves more and more into our daily lives. One could argue that a chip's involvement in our lives increases as the number of transistors increase.

An integrated circuit device with absolutely zero transistors, doesn't require power, and yet may be the most important chip you carry. It's the integrated circuit hairbrush

If course, it only looks like a processor. The pins and wafer aren't metal and silicon, which is probably better for your scalp, right? I mean, do you really want to drag sharpened metal leads across your scalp? We didn't think so.

(vía: ThinkGeek)

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