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That's Hot: KettlePizza Grill

@ March 08, 2012

Imagine cooking real wood-fired pizza on your home kettle grill. This dream is now a reality with the Kettlepizza cooking accessory for charcoal kettle grills. The Kettlepizza is an aftermarket product that fits between the kettle grill top and bottom creating a pizza oven chamber with a side opening where the food is placed. Since the grill top is not removed, the heat is allowed to build higher and remains much more stable than on a traditional grill.

“Baking the perfect pizza on a grill is actually pretty hard to do.” Says Kettlepizza Inventor Al Contarino, “Maintaining a constant temperature above 700 degrees F is difficult because heat is lost every time you open the lid. Without this product, the common result is a burned bottom or an uncooked top. People who really love pizza love this product!”.

2012 is the first year that KettlePizza is available on the mass market. The company has recently moved into a new design and manufacturing where they build their American Made products. There has been a lot of activity from dealers all over the world that are interested in carrying the product. Attending the HPB event for the first time, they hope to make the connections to build their worldwide dealer & distribution network.

(source: KettlePizza)

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