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w00t!: Intoxicase Bottle Opener iPhone Case

@ March 12, 2012

Intoxicase Plus is the sleek and functional iPhone case for the sophisticated drinker. Featuring a small collapsible mechanism that allows you to open a refreshing bottle of beer (or any bottle with a cap, of course).

When you’re done, you can simply push the collapsible “reach-out” bottle opener and fold it back to the case, where it will be an unobtrusive part of your iPhone case.

The case combines small mechanics and minimalistic design.  Made from durable polycarbonate.  Measures 2.4'' wide X 4.6'' long X 0.5'' thick.  Bottle Opener measures 0.09 inches (2.5 mm) high and comes above case surface.

(source: Fancy)

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