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Cool Stuff: Drone, Universal Game Controller

@ April 02, 2012

The Drone has been designed to bridge the gap between the classic game controller and the current touch-screen devices. It's an Open Source, Bluetooth, portable game controller for Smartphones and Tablets. You can now play all your favorite emulators using a real controller. This controller is open source so you can upload your own code to modify the characteristics of the controller.

The design mission for the controller was to make something that looked appropriate with Smartphones and Tablets but still familiar as a standard game controller. Furthermore, it had to be small and portable, but also very comfortable to hold and to use the controls.

Numerous shapes were prototyped for evaluating ergonomics, scale, and attractiveness. The form factor uses a standard button layout with similar tactile feel as other controllers.

It's tilted/curved face, bottom contour scoop, and angled sides make it really enjoyable to hold while playing games. The polished black face looks like it belongs next to a smart device, and the matte underside feels gentle in your hands.

It has a rock solid construction, intended for being tossed in a backpack. For real DIYers who want to customize the controller, we allowed access to the electronics by disassembling the bottom four screws, we will even leave a few open holes on the PCB allowing easy soldering for adding what ever you see fit.

(product design by Evolution Controllers; back this project @ Kickstarter)

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