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Cool Stuff: Holga Lens Case for iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s

@ April 17, 2012

Now take those iPhone images and make them Holga images. The Holga iPhone Lens and Filter Case snaps onto the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and once fitted, there are 9 different special effect lens and filters that go over the phone camera lens using the spin wheel, including a clear tenth hole to shoot regular photos with the case on, all without any software or app installed.

Holga iPhone Lens and Filter Case is available in Red, Purple, White, Black or Silver. Exclusively at Freestyle, the Holga iPhone Lens and Filter Case is designed to fit all the carriers' versions of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S phones.

Technical Details:
  • 3 Split Image Filters: Dual, Triple & Quadruple
  • 60mm Macro Lens
  • 2 Color Filters: Green & Magenta
  • 2 Color Filters w/Clear Center: Blue & Yellow
  • Red Filter w/Clear Heart-Shaped Center
(vía: Amazon)

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