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Hot Deal: Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D Compatible Standard HDMI Cable With Ethernet And Audio Return (Newest HDMI Version)

@ April 14, 2012

This cable is the newest 1.4 standard. This means it will work with the latest electronics from your Blue Ray Player to Gaming system. This Cable has a audio return channel to ensure that your picture and home theater are in sync, to get the full benefit of your surround sound.

It also offers Ethernet for your smart TV to enable web browsing. The Cheetah cable is double shielded for great picture and sound quality and the cable is seethed in a blue and black protective casing, this keeps the cable from fraying and damaging the cable it self.

Technical Details:
  • High Speed (1080P, and 3D 1080p Capable)
  • Braided Jacket
  • Ethernet Ready
  • Audio Return
  • Gold Connectors.
 (vía: Amazon)

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