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The Littlest Black Book For iPod Nano

@ April 07, 2012

Introducing The Littlest Black Book for the iPod® Nano. Hand made with the same quality and detail of our iPad®, Macbook Air® and iPhone® cases the Littlest black book starts with a teeny-tiny wood frame that perfectly holds the iPod Nano in place, then a very, and we mean very small book is created using traditional hand made methods, including some techniques that were made up.

The Littlest black book will protect your Nano, allows for access to all ports and will most definitely be a conversation starter wherever you bring it out.  So when you are perusing all the apps on your nano, like music, FM tuner, settings, podcasts, music, FM tuner...

(back this project by Pad and Quill @ Kickstarter)

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