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Cool Stuff: Aris Wi-Fi Speaker By Industry

@ May 12, 2012

Easy to set up, Aris connects to the users network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet then uses Windows' built-in Play To feature to pick and then play music to the speaker.

Aris hosts four driven speakers and two passive radiators for enhanced bass response -plus three modes of operation that let you tailor your listening experience.

The Aris Wireless Speaker always plays clear and can also play loud. Really LOUD. Just two of the many ways Aris will enhance your living space.

A full 100 Watts RMS total power guarantee the audiophile-grade speakers in Aris come in loud and clear.

And thanks to the Aris speaker system's unique Wireless Card, you can upgrade when networking technology changes without having to rethink your sound system.

(vía: Aperion Audio)

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