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Erli Bird: Early Adopters For New Tech Startups

@ May 23, 2012

One of the biggest challenges for every startup is finding initial customers. Many companies invest thousands of dollars creating a new product only to fail out of the gate, without ever achieving a user-base large enough to truly test an idea. Others waste months developing complex new technology, and upon launching, quickly find out that they’ve made very big mistakes or solved the wrong problem altogether.

Erli Bird was created to help solve these problems by allowing startups to find the right early adopters, incentivize product evangelists, and quickly learn from their customers, iterate, and build more compelling products.

Through Erli Bird, founders can showcase their product and connect with new users on a more personal and passionate level than before.

By offering incentives to early adopters to try new apps, websites, and tech gadgets, startups can quickly build a sizable user-base, gather valuable feedback, and improve their product.

Early adopters are the most influential and important demographic for technology companies. Yet for their involvement, users are typically penalized with high prices, long lines, poor customer service, and faulty products. Erli Bird looks to change the balance of power by allowing the community of early adopters to leverage their collective influence and get rewarded for their involvement.

Key Features:
  • Erli Bird features a community of thousands of young, tech-savvy early adopters.
  • Three to five exciting startups are featured each week.
  • Get to know the founders and understand their vision and passion.
  • Users are offered unique incentives and promotions to try new apps, websites, and tech gadgets.
  • Some examples of incentives include early beta access, behind-the-scenes insight and involvement on product decisions, exclusive discounts, priority support.
About The Founder:
Having launched and run his first web business throughout college, Michael Siegler has bootstrapped numerous web-based startups over the past twelve years. With Erli Bird, Michael is looking to organize a passionate early adopter community to help solve one of the biggest challenges facing startups - finding initial customers and inspiring early adopters.
Want to show your project to the world or want to be an early adopter of the next revolution? Get on the list and reserve your spot in www.erlibird.com

(thank you very much Michael for the information provided; follow @erlibirdapp)

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