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Cool Stuff: Levitron Revolution Floating Stand

@ August 15, 2012

Discover the secrets of levitation with Fascinations Levitron Revolution Platform w/ EZ Float Technology. This levitating magic kit comes with a magnetic hover disc that can hold up to 13 oz in midair. Levitron is an attention grabber in all parties as it can levitate models, jewelry, memorabilia and other collectibles.

While the white accent LEDs spotlight the levitated item, the levitron automatically compensates for changes in weight by making up to 1000 corrections per second to the electromagnets contained in the base.

Product Features:
  • The Levitron Revolution features EZ Float technology to make levitating your favorite collectibles a snap
  • The levitating magnetic hover disc can hold up to 13 ounces in mid-air
  • 4 white accent LEDs spotlights your item beautifully
  • People wont believe that its possible until they see it for themselves
  • Objects continuously revolve in space inspiring wonder and amazement.
(vía: Amazon)

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