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Infographic: The Doctor’s Hats Through Time And Space

@ August 31, 2014

The BBC show Doctor Who follows the adventures of a humanoid alien, The Doctor, and his varying cast of companions through all of time and space in his ship, the Tardis.

Though he has many faces, The Doctor is always the same man inside thanks to his ability to regenerate when he’s close to death. By regenerating he gains a new face, a new body, and new character traits, however, he always remains the “savior of the universe.”

The Doctor is known for his changing appearance, along with that comes his ever-changing wardrobe. All throughout time and space, the Doctor can’t resist a hat when he sees one.

From fezzes to cowboy hats, the Doctor has worn them all. Check out some of his most memorable hats throughout his 1,200 years exploring the universe.

(infographic courtesy by: hats.com)

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