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Infographic: Shopping On Smartphones And Tablets Jumps 53% In Two Years

@ October 25, 2014

Americans are making their lists and checking them twice this holiday season, as more shoppers say they're setting a budget this year (72% vs. 65% in 2013), according to the latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker.

After an optimistic 2013, the average American consumer is back to spending at 2012 levels, and will plan to shell out $842 this year (vs. $1,260 in 2013 and $848 in 2012). Whatever they spend, shoppers will be using their personal devices for more than just selfies, as shopping on smartphones and tablets has jumped over the last two years.

While many get a rush from in-store shopping, using smartphones and tablets to shop for the holidays has grown by 53% since 2012. Mobile will play a big role in decision making and actual purchases this year, with consumers saying they will use their gadgets to:
  • Make purchases (+ 46% since 2013)
  • Access deals through a mobile app (+ 46% since 2013)
  • Visit different websites to compare prices (+23% since 2013)
  • Browse for gift ideas (+8% since 2013)
(vía: American Express; use American Express Membership Rewards at Amazon)

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