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Cool Stuff: GunnerCase for iPhone 4S/4

@ February 14, 2012

The GunnerCase is the newest protective case by baseonelabs. It's design was inspired by recoil pads found on shotguns. When GunnerCase is dropped, the sidewalls are designed to collapse and distribute the force around the case. This saves your iPhone while keeping the case thin and effective.


Special Features: 
  • Internal Air Cells - Lined throughout the inside of the GunnerCase are Air Cell pockets that were inspired by recoil pads found on shotguns and rifles. When dropped, the Air Cells collapse absorbing impacts, providing the same protection as a case twice as thick. PATENT PENDING
  • Slim Design - The GunnerCase is only 13.9mm thick which makes it one of the thinnest protective cases available.
  • Precision Cut Buttons - The GunnerCase has precision cut buttons that cover your iPhones buttons and provides a great force feedback.

  • Anti-Lint Material - The main problem with other cases is that they attract lint. The GunnerCase is made out of a material that repels lint. 
  • Complete Protection System - Every GunnerCase is sent complete with a screen protector kit and micro cleaning cloth.
  • GunnerCase is made out of a special TPU material that has the perfect hardness to feel like a rigid case but will absorb impacts like a soft case.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty against anything.

(source: BaseOnLabs)

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