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Cool Stuff: Hiod One, Communicater For Cyclists

@ April 16, 2012

Discover a brand new cycling experience with HIOD One, helping you to stay safe, focused and connected on the road. HIOD One is the first sports communicator that provides an instant link to your friends, phone calls and music.

The slim and intuitive design combined with advanced sound processing makes HIOD One safe and easy to use when focus matters.

Tell your HIOD friends about what you’re seeing, when you see it. Share instant words of encouragement when the road gets rough. HiodTalk, the key feature of HIOD One, enables cyclists to talk over a Bluetooth® link up to 400 meters apart. Users can communicate with five other HIOD One friends, one at a time.

Keep track of your ride, perform even better and share your results. Performance mode turns your HIOD One into an advanced bicycle computer with the ability to show information such as speed, time and distance. You choose what information to display.

An intuitive design makes HIOD One easy to use in traffic and in situations when control is crucial. A control unit attached to the handlebar or the wrist controls HIOD One. It features a high contrast OLED display and is developed for an easier and safer way of communicating while cycling.

Control Unit: 65,3mm x  56mm x 23,6mm (W x H x D), 55g
Voice Unit: 45,7mm x 90,6mm x 15,3mm (W x H x D), 50g
Microphone: 8g (including cable)
Earphones: 10g (including cable)
(more info @ Hiod Sports)

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