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gokey: Keeping Your Keys Safe On The Go

@ April 16, 2012

When you run, where do you put your key? Do you squeeze it in the tiny “built in” pocket in your shorts? Tie it on your shoe lace or pant string? Do you just hold in your hand? If you wear a bra, maybe your key is nicely cushioned by your breast... or if you are a risk taker, maybe you hide it underneath your doormat?

None of these work around solutions are comfortable or safe. How many times have you wished the annoying key jingling was not the soundtrack of your running? Or even worse, you completed your jog, felt energized and a minute later all good vibes have vanished because you have just realized you lost your house key!

gokey is a sleek silicone wrist band that conceals your key when you are out and about. This accessory is not only stylish but serves a purpose. While there are many work arounds for storing keys, none of them offer a worry free experience. gokey alleviates this running stressor and brings peace of mind to your jog.

gokey's unique design allows for a safe and comfortable way to carry your key while on a run, so you will be able to stop worrying and engage in your workout and finally embrace peace of mind. We are a nation of anxious people trying to restore our inner balance and this is exactly what we seek from exercise: a way to disconnect from the pressure, responsibilities and worries of everyday life.

The key is easy to insert and is fully concealed when the bracelet is closed so no one needs to know your wrist band’s secret. The sleek, modern design makes gokey easy to wear when working out or from day to day. The silicone rubber (a similar material to the LiveStrong bracelets) is sweat proof, flexible, stretchy, and resistant to wear.

(if you like, back this project by Francesca Passoni and Cristina Cook @ Kickstarter)

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