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Cool Stuff: Calculator Silicone Case for iPhone 5

@ December 05, 2012

Made from a high quality flexible silicone, this case improves the feel of your iPhone 5 while also increasing the grip. The soft-touch material helps you slip your phone in and out of your pocket or bag.

As this is a silicone case, it is incredibly thin and light so doesn't add much bulk to your device, but still offers excellent protection against scratches and minor impacts.

From the front this case appears to be a standard black silicone case, but on the back can be found a cool retro calculator inspired design which actually makes your phone look like a classic pocket calculator.

This case is designed specifically for the iPhone 5, so you can be sure of a perfect fit. It also features cut-outs for all the ports and buttons, so you can access the full functionality of your device while it's in the case.

(vía: Mobile Fun)

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