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Fashion Geek: Interactive Glow T-Shirt By Glow Threads

@ December 31, 2012

Draw and create custom designs using the Glow Thread Mini UV Light and UV Laser. By touching the Mini UV light to the shirt, you are able to draw whatever you want, wherever you want, on our custom Glow Thread shirts. The UV mini light is included with every purchase of a Glow Threads T-Shirt.

Using the UV laser you can draw on the shirt from up to 40ft away. Unlike other Glow Thread "imitators", where you are limited to a silk screened rectangle to draw on, our Glow Thread shirts are fully interactive and you are able to draw on every piece of the t-shirt. This means there is NO silk screened area and you are able to draw on the front, back, sides and even the sleeves.

And here, a demo:

(vía: Glow Threads)

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