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Cool Stuff: Serene Audio Pebble Active Speakers

@ February 18, 2012

These beautiful speaker are amplified; meaning they can be paired with your computer or iPod/MP3 player right out of the box. They are designed to have an amazing performance in small to medium spaces. They can sit on a desktop or shelf to serve in a compact stereo setup for your bedroom or office. 

  • Expensive custom made driver with under hung voice coil paired with an audiophile quality amplifier.
  • Wide dispersion pattern that illuminates the room with music in all directions. So no matter where you sit you get the same great sound.
  • Ultra low distortion and fast transient response. It provides plenty of space for each instrument and voice to present itself without masking or being masked by other instruments. Where every instrument get its own breathing space, you hear all the nuances.
  • There is more to their curvy shapes than meets the eye. This Asymmetric design of the enclosures helps them on two fronts :
    - Inside the enclosure, it helps eliminate the creation of standing waves and storage of energy for improved transparency and smooth frequency response.
    - On the outside, it minimizes the effect of diffraction waves for a uniform dispersion of sound in the room.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, without compromising build quality.
  • The build is thick and heavy non-existent for speakers of this size. We also only use genuine high quality leather. You will feel the difference in quality when you hold one in your hand.

 (source: Serene Audio)

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