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Minty Geek Electronics Lab 101

@ February 19, 2012

From minty geek:
Interested in electronics but don't know where to start? The Minty Geek Electronics Lab 101 has everything you need to get you started creating and developing circuits within minutes.

This Minty Geek kit contains:

  • A Minty Geek tin
  • A handy tray insert
  • Lots of linking wires
  • A 9v battery connector
  • A light dependant resistor
  • A variable resistor
  • A breadboard
  • Transistors
  • Resistors
  • A capacitor
  • LEDs
  • A relay
  • A switch
  • A speaker

Plus lots of handy instructions to help you begin your electronics journey whether you're a complete beginner or an old hand at creating circuits. This kit allows you to build 3 final projects; A cookie jar alarm, lie detector, and an egg timer, and introduces you to key concepts in electronics that you can take on to more advanced kits.

This kit, like all our others, is completely compatible with our permanent components range, components that can be added to any completed project to enable you to transport them as a complete, permanent circuit.

Battery not included.

(source: minty geek)

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