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What?! The Gigantic Water Play Slide

@ February 10, 2012

This is the 16' high water slide used by resorts and summer camps to provide safe, reliable waterborne fun for entire families.

The resilient structure defies punctures as it is constructed of a layer of commercial-grade, 1,000 denier polyester fabric sandwiched between two layers of 28 oz. PVC--the same method used to construct the inflatable boats used by the U.S. Navy Seals.

Every strong seam is hot-air sealed, and the PVC is treated to block damaging UV rays. Twelve heavy-duty molded plastic handles assist climbers as they scale the structure's four steps to the top, where they can slide down briskly into the water.

The interior measures 10' L x 12' W x 6' H, allowing most teenagers to stand up completely as they swing out over the water from one of the three molded handles.

The structure should be anchored in at least 8' of water. Deflates in 30 minutes to 40" L x 48" W x 36" H for off-season storage using two dump valves; includes storage bag. Fully inflated 25 1/2' L x 12' W x 16' H. (491 lbs.).

(soure: Hammacher Schlemmer)

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