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Cool Stuff: Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun

@ March 18, 2012

The six legged freak has landed on your sandwich for the last time. You flip a coin: heads - you will be merciful. You grab your Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun, cock it, and slip in the catch-and-release cartridge. Slowly now, as all hunter must, you move the Fly-Goodbye close to your prey. When the fly is within range, you take a deep breath and pull the trigger. A loud "POP" echoes in your office as the fly is sucked into the cartridge. You snap on the magnifying glass top and stare at your captive. Then you do the only thing you can think of - you release the poor creature . . . in your boss' office.

The Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun is a powerful weapon. First thing you'll notice is how great it feels in your hand; it truly was designed with the hunter in mind. How does it work? Well, quite simply, it sucks.

Really. It uses a powerful inward gust of air, coupled with the capture tube extending about a cm. This action stuns the bug and lets you snap on the top. And get this: each cartridge has a fly-gate tip which lets bugs enter but not exit. That way, you can easily take them outside and let them live. The catch-and-release method also gives you time to study your prey (just switch the fly-gate tip with the magnifying glass tip). With a Fly-Goodbye Bug Vacuum Gun in your holster, you'll be able lay some smackdown on any bug you want.

  • Suck up them pesky bugs and get them out of your hair.
  • Includes: Suction cylinder, pistol grip, 3 cartridges, 3 fly-gate tips, and 1 magnifying glass tip.
  • Dimensions: approx. 11" x 4.5" x 2.25"
 (source: ThinkGeek)

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