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Cool Stuff: WaterWear iPad Case by Tunewear

@ March 22, 2012

WaterWear for iPad/Tablet PC is a carrying case made from a durable, transparent material with a triple zipper design to lock iPad or a tablet PC safely inside and keep it away from water and dust.

WaterWear uses a thin yet strong clear material enabling control of the device through the case. Bring it into the kitchen or into the bath and enjoy videos, web browsing and music wherever you are.

The locking mechanism includes a combination of zippers, velcro and snaps to guard your device from the outside elements. An iPad optimized insert spacer is included for keeping iPad stable inside.

There is extra space inside to accommodate a small pocket WiFi device or other items.

Technical Details
  • Durable, transparent iPad carrying case
  • Triple zipper design
  • Use WATERWEAR in the kitchen to search for recipes
  • Control the touch screen inside the protective case
  • Bring your iPad with you outdoors, by the pool, or to the beach
(vía Mblng; source: Amazon)

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