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OMG!: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero: Complete Collectors Set [The Complete Series]

@ March 24, 2012

G.I. JOE is the code name for Americas daring highly-trained special missions force. Its purpose: to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless organization determined to rule the world. For the first time ever, the complete collection of the original animated series is on DVD including the final half of Season Two which has never been on DVD before.

In 1983 Hasbro made a bold statement when it relaunched its classic toy line of military action heroes as an adventure-based team of unique characters, each with his, and her, own specialties. And because it captured the imaginations and hearts of boys and girls aspiring to make a difference in the world, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero was an immediate success lasting over 25 incredible years.

Now you can relive the original animated adventures of Duke, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Flint, Lady Jaye and rest of the Joe team with this 17-disc collectors set of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. It is all housed in a premium footlocker package. Inside it includes all 95 restored episodes on 17 DVDs, new interviews, exclusive featurettes, rare PSAs, archival Hasbro toy commercials, the original G.I. JOE 1963 Toy Fair Presentation, fan material, printable scripts and much more! This set also includes a collectible 60-page book, exclusive rub-on tattoos and a 1GB Dog Tag flash drive (USB 2.0) with 2 G.I. JOE silent comics preloaded on the device.

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