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FlexLeg: Mobility Aid For Temporary Lower-Leg Injuries

@ May 03, 2012

The FlexLeg mobility device is for the person with a temporary lower-leg injury (below the knee), who needs an ambulatory aid for mobility while injured.

Unlike crutches and knee rollers, FlexLeg does not require the use of the patient’s hands and arms during use of the device. This is because FlexLeg utilizes the advances in athletic prosthetic technology to create a superior mobility experience.

As a completely hands-free mobility device, FlexLeg will make a patient’s daily life with a temporary lower-leg injury more like their daily life without one.

FlexLeg replaces the need for crutches and knee rollers, and represents a superior solution for mobility during the recovery stage of patients who have incurred an injury to their lower-leg.  To be clear, FlexLeg is not a prosthetic, although it draws upon some of the technology in that industry.

By utilizing existing prosthetic technology and applying it to a new market, the FlexLeg device provides unique hands-free mobility support for injured patients.

See the FlexLeg in action:

(source: FlexLeg)

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