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Cool Stuff: Audyssey Audio Dock Speaker System For iPod And iPhone

@ June 05, 2012

Audyssey’s award-winning 'South of Market' audio dock that delivers unbelievable sound, hands-free phone calls and streams your music wirelessly. Dock your iPhone or sync your device and hear the difference.

With wireless streaming and built-in speakerphone for your iPhone you can enjoy hands-free phone calls or text and email while you stream music. Audyssey technologies bring unbelievable sound to the Dock with BassXT for deeper lows and EQ for clear and balanced sound.

Technical Details:
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Computer connection to charge and sync with iTunes
  • Built in speakerphone for answering calls
  • Innovative audio technologies for rich sound
  • iPhone app for customized sound and EQ.
(vía: Mblng)

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