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Infographic: An Anthology Of Mythical Creatures

@ December 07, 2014

Mythological Creatures Around the World | Venere.com 
One of the ways we can learn more about different cultures is by studying the stories that they tell. Folklore and myth are the earliest examples of cultural stories, and often they involve exciting heroes and mysterious creatures.

What are these mythical creatures like? What are their powers, their weaknesses, their motivations? And what do these traits indicate about the culture that created them? It's interesting to think about, and it inspires within millions around the world a desire to connect with that culture.

Fifty of these mythical cultural “ambassadors” are gathered on this infographic, with brief descriptions and their country of origin, to tell their stories to you and inspire you to learn more (maybe in person!) about the lands they represent.

(infographic courtesy by: Venere.com)

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