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Cool Stuff: BMW i Pedelec, Foldable Electric Bicycle

@ June 15, 2012

From Carscoop:
The i Pedelec is a compact bicycle with a lightweight frame made from aluminium and carbon fibre designed to complement the upcoming i3 hatchback with BMW claiming that once folded, two of them can fit in the boot of the electric supermini.
The i Pedelec is equipped with an electric motor featuring an electronic management system and a high-performance battery that assists the rider’s pedaling up to 25 km/h (16 mph), meaning that there's no need for a license to use it nor does it have to be insured or registered.
BMW says that depending on the nature of the route, the rider’s weight and degree of motor assistance used, a full battery charge will give a range between 25 and 40 kilometers (16 to 25 miles). Naturally, under braking and when riding downhill, the hub motor acts as a generator supplying the battery with energy.
According to the company, it takes four hours or 1.5 hours on a quick charge for an empty battery to be fully recharged, either from a domestic plug or inside the boot of the i3.
(vía: Carscoop)

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