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BMW StreetCarver: Yes, This Is A Skateboard... From BMW

@ February 12, 2012

Oh, the future is not only "green" cars. Oh yes, BMW presents this expensive (very expensive) skateboard that feels more like a snowboard.

From Gizmag:
StreetCarver is not a normal skateboard. With the sport of snowboarding gaining instant legitimacy thanks to the winter Olympics, BMW's StreetCarver is reaching the market at exactly the right time. Though it gets its edge in a different way to a snowboard, it sweeps and carves in exactly the same way, and is an absolute hoot to ride.

At US$695, it is three to four times more expensive than the current top-of-the-range skateboards, and possibly beyond the finances of those who would most desire it, though carrying or riding the StreetCarver (SC) anywhere caused people to approach you. They either knew of the board, recognised the BMW name on the skateboard and were curious, or wanted to know what it was.

The StreetCarver has more crowd-pulling ability than Madonna.Of course, riding it is what it's all about.Seasoned skateboarders felt at home on the board within minutes, and after the limited turning abilities of a skateboard, were amazed at how tightly the streetcarver can turn. Going down hill, you use this turning ability to wash off speed in exactly the same way as a snowboard.

 (vía Gizmag)

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