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Cool Stuff: Capt. Jules’ Extraordinary Telescope Ring

@ February 18, 2012

It's up to you, geek friend, to invent who Captain Jules is/was, and why you are currently wearing his extraordinary telescope ring.

This cast metal ring is made of lightweight aluminum with an aged bronze finish. The ring itself is a conversation starter, but when you start showing off the features, that's when you'll become the belle/beau of the steampunk ball. The two lenses fold out and then slide apart, forming a small telescope.

Prefer to examine things closer to you? The large lens doubles as a magnifying glass. This amazing contraption comes in a tin suitable for gifting to that person in your life who loves classy gadgets and the color brown.

Product Specifications
  • Cast metal ring that transforms into a small telescope
  • Two lenses fold out and then slide apart to correct focal length
  • The larger lens can be folded 180 degrees to act as a magnifying lens
  • A small magnetic compass is in the main body of the ring
  • Lightweight cast aluminum construction makes this big ring easy to wear
  • Steampunk finish of bronze with rubbed black patina
  • Attachments included will adjust the ring to fit various sizes:
    • Size 5 (small, 15.75mm)
    • Size 8 (medium, 18.2mm)
    • Size 11 (large, 20.6mm)
  • Comes in a tin suitable for gifting
  • Dimensions:
    • Face width, 1 7/8"
    • Height, 2.0"
    • Length of fully extended telescope, 4.5"
(vía ThinkGeek)

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