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Cool Stuff: PitStop Furniture, Auto Inspired Office Furniture

@ March 24, 2012

From Carscoop:
Intro-Automotive is proposing something a little bit more radical with a motorsports-inspired lineup of office furniture.

The California-based company, which is a manufacturer of car floor mats, covers and sunshades, markets the office products under the PitStop brand.

The range includes two different office chair designs in the shape of a body-hugging bucket seat with some interesting details like the billet aluminum shifter knob that controls the height mechanism and the brake caliper base above the wheels.

Since no office setup is complete without a desk, PitStop offers a similarly styled counter that is available in three different shades and features lockable racing wheels and metal racing shocks.

The company's website doesn’t include pricing but a quick search on the all-knowing Google tells us that both the racing chairs and desks start from around $399 a piece.

(vía: Carscoop; source: PitStop Furniture)

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