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Cool Stuff: Aluminium All-Terrain Electric Skateboard By E-Glide

@ May 02, 2012

The E-Glide's Aluminum A/T Off-Road Electric Skateboard is the fastest and most powerful electric skateboard / powerboard ever offered to the public.

This new .25 inch thick aluminum plate deck has been laser cut, and concave has been added by hydraulic pressing.

The result is a wider deck, 14 inches wide, which provides additional leverage when turning the stiff A/T. Carving is much easier, and more pronounced. The aluminum deck creates a powerboard that is much tighter and smoother than the standard wood deck.

It's massive power is generated by "industrial" grade European electronics, and a powerful 800 watt/ 1200 watt peak power 36 volt motor.

Don't confuse this powerboard with the Chinese imports, this E-Glide  A/T will out accelerate, out climb, and reach higher speeds than any other electric skateboard in the world, GUARANTEED!

Tech Spec:
  • 0-22 MPH in five second performance!
  • A/T ALUMINUM DECK, is 46.5 inch length / 14.5 inch width
  • WHEEL BASE is 17 inch
  • HEIGHT is 9 inches from floor to top of deck
  • WEIGHT is 75 pounds
  • STATE OF THE ART "Industrial" grade European electronics provides and insures the most advanced, trouble free, and reliable electronics of any electric skateboard produced by anyone in the world todayl
  • EXTRA POWERFUL braking and controlled RPM downhill riding
  • BATTERIES are 12 volt / 12 amp industrial batteries
  • UNCONDITIONAL one year warranty on electronics
  • 12 MILE/ 15 MILE range on flats
  • TIRES are 10 inch off-road tires (60psi) also Kenda street slicks are available for higher performance
  • UNREAL POWER, torque and speed, this powerboard is SCARY!
See the Electric Skateboard in action:

(vía: E-Glide)

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