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Cool Stuff: Ghostbusters Proton Pack Replica

@ May 01, 2012

This proton pack replica is constructed from metal, wood, and plastic. Many months of hard work were put into searching for and purchasing, or scratch building all of the parts for this prop.

Everything from the tiny toggle switches, to the A.L.I.C.E. pack frame were carefully selected to match those of the original packs.

The measurements are exact to the packs from the films. The cyclotron and powercell both have working lights that light up with the flick of a switch!

An access panel on the motherboard allows for easy access to batteries. This is not thin vacuum-formed plastic, or a brittle fiberglass shell. This is a heavy duty pack that is made to be worn and can take some abuse. The weathered paint and decals make this proton pack look as though it has done its share of bustin' heads - in a spiritual sense, of course!

Want a costume that will easily take home first prize? Want a film prop replica that will blow your friends minds? Just love the Ghostbusters movies as much as I do? Don't let this PROTON PACK get away!!

(vía: Fancy)

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