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Cool Stuff: Schiit LYR Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

@ May 01, 2012

Lyr is a extremely high-output headphone amplifier with a new Dynamically Adaptive output stage that provides high voltage output into virtually any headphone—up to 6 watts into 32 ohms—while maintaining excellent overall efficiency.

Now, if you’re a headphone guy, you’re thinking “Holy Schiit! 6 watts! That’ll make the magic smoke come out of my headphones! Why the hell do you need that kind of power?” Well, we have one word for you: orthodynamics. And two more: Why not? If everyone wanted polite little low-power headphone amps, this would be one awfully boring world, wouldn’t it?

That said, Lyr isn’t just about brute force. Sure, it has dynamics to spare, but it also delivers music with grace and finesse. Its hybrid design uses tubes for the input stage, and the topology is DC coupled at the input and output to ensure the purest, most direct signal path.

Make no mistake: even though Lyr is the same size as Asgard and Valhalla, it’s one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers you can buy. We will not be responsible if you blow up your headphones with it!

  • Headphone Impedance: 8-600 ohms
  • Gain: 10 (20 dB)
  • Frequency Response: 2Hz-200KHz, -3dB
  • Maximum Output: 40V P-P into 32 ohms typ
  • THD: Less than 0.1%, 20Hz-20KHz, at 1V
  • Topology: Dynamically Adaptive Dual-Mode Class A, zero feedback, noninverting, hybrid tube/MOSFET, single voltage gain stage, DC-coupled input and output
  • Tube Complement: ECC88 or 6BZ7 dual triode, 1 per channel (rollable to all 6922/6DJ8/ECC88/6BZ7 types and similar)
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Size: 9 x 6.75 x 3.25”
  • Weight: 7 lbs  
(vía: Schiit Audio)

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