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Cool Stuff: Brydge iPad Dock & Keyboard

@ May 01, 2012

Brydge is an elegant solution to the lack of quality iPad keyboards and accessories currently on the market. A full-sized aerospace-grade aluminum keyboard with optional stereo speakers, Brydge connects to your iPad using a patent-pending hinge. This click-in hinge allows for close to 180 degrees of iPad positioning and holds your iPad secure.

Brydge's aluminum body is machined and anodized so that it matches the look and feel of the iPad precisely. When paired together, Brydge and your iPad appear to be two parts of the same device, blending style and functionality seamlessly.

Brydge's patent-pending hinge holds the iPad secure and allows you to position your iPad at nearly any angle, even allowing you to close it up entirely for easy transportation. Once closed, both your iPad and Brydge go to sleep automatically.

Brydge's clamp, made of a metal alloy with a thermoplastic elastomer shell, combines the forces of friction and magnetism to hold strongly onto the iPad. There is no need to enclose your iPad in any sort of case, instead, your iPad snaps in and is ready to go.

Brydge can have speakers. The iPad speaker is average at best so there is a model of Brydge that offers stereo sound and improved volume by including a fully integrated speaker system.

Brydge connects with your iPad via bluetooth, so there is no need to deal with any wires or plugs. Additionally, the keyboard has been designed specifically for an iPad, with iPad functions built in.

Well, this is really awesome.

(source: The Brydge)

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