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Cool Stuff: 12 Volt WaveBox Microwave Dual Power

@ July 22, 2012

Cook or reheat your favorite foods and hot beverages just about anywhere with the WaveBox's exclusive AC/DC dual power capability. Integration with Power Hunt's patented 12 volt system provides unsurpassed power and plug and play convenience thought the included direct battery connection power port.

The integrated 110V A/C power cord lets you use the WaveBox at home, in the office, when staying at a hotel or anywhere a standard A/C power outlet is available. The reinforced ABS casing, heavy-duty luggage handle and no-slip rubberized legs give the WaveBox true one-handed portability.

The Power Hunt Dual Power Microwave is easy to use. Simply connect the included Power Port to a 12 volt battery, plug in the microwave, turn on the power and you are ready to cook or reheat. The Power Port can be permanently installed in your vehicle, boat, cabin, etc. or it can be stored away and simply connected when you are ready to use.

Product Features:
  • Complete kit for first time Power Hunt buyer (Dual Power Microwave Oven and Power Port with integrated 8ft battery cable)
  • Dual power AC/DC circuitry allows you to cook or reheat your favorite foods and beverages just about anywhere
  • Reverse polarity preventing PNP safety plug allows quick and convenient connection/disconnection to Power Hunt 12 volt power sources
  • 660 Watts of power; microwave Scanning Technology helps eliminate cold spots and overcooked edges
  • Included Coolbag, integrated soft-side cooler provides convenient storage and transport of cold foods and beverages inside microwave oven.
(vía: Amazon)

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