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Shut Up And Take My Money! Toy Builder Creates Massive 1/6th Scale 1966 Batmobile

@ July 18, 2012

From Carscoop:
If you weren't bowled over by Hot Wheel's 1/18th scale Elite and Super Elite lines of the 1966 Batmobile from the classic TV series starring Adam West and are looking for something even bigger and crazier, then you may want to check out a new scale model released by Hot Toys at last week's San Diego Comic Con.

The Hong Kong-based manufacturer of highly detailed and collectible merchandise is one of the latest companies to secure the rights to the George Barris-designed Batmobile.

The new Hot Toys Batcar that was shown in prototype form at the Comic Con fest is a 1/6th scale model, meaning it should measure around 37 inches or close to 1 metre in length!
Hot Toys plans to launch the car into the market sometime next year. While pricing has yet to be announced, expect to pay anywhere from US$400 to US$700 (€330-€580) when it hits retail stores.
(source: Carscoop)

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