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Cool Stuff: Clicker, 2 In 1 TV Remote And Bottle Opener

@ September 22, 2012

Multiply the power of your remote control. Open your beer soda bottle without losing control of the TV. The Clicker - 2 in 1 TV Remote and Bottle Opener is a universal TV remote that doubles as a bottle opener.

The Remote has a sleek design and buttons for a variety of home entertainment systems. It can be used for TV, DVD, Cable, Satellite, VCR and more!

The attached bottle opener has a unique design that doesn't take away from the remote control at all. Its easy to use and opens all sorts of bottles.

Enjoy all your favorite sports games while never having to get up and open your beer soda!

Product Features:
  • Universal Remote Control.
  • Bottle Opener.
  • Can be used with TV, DVD, Cable, Satellite, VCR and more.
  • Sleek Design.
  • Easy to use!
(vía: Amazon)

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