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Cool Stuff: RHA On-Ear Portable Headphones With Remote (Titanium Speakers)

@ December 02, 2012

Featuring technologies more commonly found in full-sized studio equipment, the SA950i delivers professional-grade audio in a compact supra-aural design.

Engineered to produce studio quality sound in a portable unit, the SA950i utilises 40mm titanium-coated drivers and powerful neodymium magnets to reproduce the full audio spectrum with fidelity and precision. The headphones deliver a full and balanced sound complete with textured bass and outstanding clarity through the mid and high frequencies. A lightweight headband, adjustable chrome sliders and padded contour-forming ear pads allow for long-wearing listening comfort.

A 1.5m shielded detachable cable prevents common connection problems and offers freedom to disconnect quickly and easily. The fabric braiding produces less friction than a normal rubber cable which helps reduce tangling, prolonging cable life.

The ultra-portable design comes with an inline remote and mic featuring multi-click control over call, music and volume functions on your Apple device. The SA950i headphone is designed for Apple devices and so offers full functionality for all recent Apple products.

The remote also supports some call and music control on Android and other smartphone devices; functionality is dependent on model, generation, software as well as which applications are installed and consequently differs from phone to phone.

Product Features:
  • Professional Grade Sound Quality from 40mm Titanium Mylar Drivers
  • Single detachable 1.5m Fabric Braided Copper Core Cable
  • 3.5mm Gold plated connections maximise contact efficiency
  • Comfortable Quilted Headband and Lightweight Design (105g)
  • iPhone/iPod/iPad compatible / 3 Year Warranty.

(vía: Amazon)

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