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Startup: Indogi, Daily Indie Deals

@ January 31, 2013

Indogi is a group of people who are passionate about independent creativity. In particular, we love indie shops and artists, and want to do everything we can to help promote and grow these small businesses. Currently we run Indogi Blog and post features on awesome indie companies, but we want to do more - we want to launch a daily deal site to help these amazing shops and artists get noticed.

Daily deal and coupon sites have recently become very popular, and are a great way for consumers to find discounts on products and services. However, many of these large deal sites specify terms that are very unfriendly to small shops and artists. Because these big deal sites take so much money and specify such a large discount, a campaign can result in a lot of lost money. We aim to change that by offering fair deals terms that focus on the small businesses we work with.

We will be offering deals on awesome indie goods and art. If it is an awesome products made by an independent shop, we want to offer it. Items you might see include: clothing, art, jewelery, apps, music, games and more!

At Indogi Daily Deals, we want to be a new avenue for indie shops and artists to get their products out. We have merchant friendly deal terms so that these businesses can actually make a little money by running a deal. We work with each shop and artist individually to make sure that every deal run will help grow and promote their work.

On top of that, we believe that giving out a discount to customers should results in more than just a periodic up-tick in notoriety. We feature a company profile and product reviews on our blog for every deal we run, and we keep an eternal list of 'Supported Merchants' so that anyone who likes items we list can see other shops and artists we support.

We also make a big effort to run interviews and collaborations on our social media outlets with shops and artists that we work with.

If there is one thing we want to get across, it's that we really want to help independent shops and artists. There are so many awesome projects and products being created right now, and we want everyone to get a chance to see them.

We have big things in mind, but in order to launch our site and begin helping indie brands, we need your help!
We are looking to reach $10,000 in funding to help finance our project. These contributions will go towards:
  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Logo Design
  • Advertising
  • Media collaboration
  • Shop and Artist resources
  • Everything else we need to help support and promote indie shops and artists!

This is a project we are super passionate about, and we genuinely appreciate every little bit of support we can get.

(more info: Indogi Blog; contributions: Indiegogo; web: indogi.com)

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