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Welcome To The Game Of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League!

@ April 12, 2014

From Nerdist:
To celebrate the triumphant return of Game of Thrones, the evil geniuses here at Nerdist have discovered a way to take everything we love about fantasy sports, and incorporate them into the wonderful world of Westeros. Without any further ado, it is with great pleasure that we present to you, the official Game Of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League.
Before you get started making your Fantasy Fantasy league, you’ll need to equip yourself with the following tools of trade:
Here are the results from last Sunday’s season premiere, as calculated by game creator Andrew Nielson:

Week 1 – “Two Swords”:
  1. Arya Stark: 7 points
  2. Sandor Clegane:  3 points
  3. Olenna Tyrell:  2 points
  4. Oberyn Martell: 1 point
  5. Mance Rayder: -1 points
All other characters received a net score of zero points.

(vía: Nerdist)

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