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From DMA To GTA: How DMA Design Changed The World [Nostalgia Nerd]

@ May 21, 2017

This documentary of gaming history charts of the story of DMA Design and their voyage from Thursday night evenings at the Dundee Computer Club back in 1983, through early ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 game conversions such as Zone Trooper and Shadow of the Beast, through the phenomenal success they encountered on the Amiga with titles such as Lemmings (and it's associated follow ups), past the Psygnosis days with the Nintendo period involving Unirally (and it's associated Pixar lawsuit) and Body Harvest and slap bang into The MS-DOS and PC era with the Grand Theft Auto series.

The period when the name DMA Design began to fizzle away, slowly to be bought out and replaced with the now legendary Rockstar Games, and Rockstar North. This is a tale involving many games, many incredible ideas, much creativity and a lot of people; the people in fact who formed the very core of what DMA Design was about.

DMA Design begins with David Jones, Russell Kay, Steve Hammond and Mike Dailly, but finishes with over 250 employees, working ferociously to bring us some of the best entertainment to come out of the 1990s.

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