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Plato Vs The Legend Of Zelda: What If You Could Get Away With Anithing? [8-Bit Philosophy]

@ May 29, 2017

Press Start for “What If You Could Get Away With Anything?” by 8-Bit Philosophy, where classic video games introduce famous thinkers, problems, and concepts with quotes, teachings, and more.

What if you could do whatever you want… and get away with it?

Plato tells us a story — a myth, really — of a lowly shepherd who discovers a mysterious chasm. And inside of it was a magic ring. When he turned the ring so that the setting faced his palm, he became invisible. Plato doesn’t think that injustice really is in one’s best interest. In fact, just the opposite!

For Plato does not think that goodness is derived from material or social gain. Thinking that it is, is what the shepherd got wrong. Justice in the individual is the condition of a harmonious soul governed by reason. You see, Plato thinks the soul has three parts: the appetitive part that reflects our urges; the spirited part that reflects our emotions; and the rational part that reflects our best selves.

That’s why the just individual will never commit injustices, whether s/he can get away with it or not. In other words, the just individual knows that committing unjust acts messes with his soul, and so also his happiness.

So, if you found a ring that could make you invisible, what would you do…?

(by: Wisecrack)

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