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Is Technology Killing Creativity? (Star Wars + Heidegger) [8-Bit Philosophy]

@ December 18, 2017

From Newton’s apple to the Large Hadron Collider, Technology promises progresses—but is the world getting better because of it? Or Worse?

For German philosopher Martin Heidegger, in order to understand the value of technology we fist need to understand what modern technology is.

For Heidegger, “the essence of technology is by no means anything technological.” If that made no sense to you, stay with me.

You see, hammers, computers, and blasters are all tools that we would consider technological but the essence of technology doesn’t exist in physical objects. Tools are simply means for completing a particular task. Heidegger argues that the essence of technology lies in a particular type of thinking.

Modern technology is distinct from the technology of the ancient Greeks—They considered technology or Techne, as a way of revealing the potential of the world—as an art or a craft. It is a way of revealing what is concealed, of seeing a beautiful vase in a lump of clay.

Modern technology focuses purely on utility of an object—it manipulates the environment for the greatest potential output—the poetry, art, and beauty of the world is unimportant.

The name for this type of thinking is: Enframing. Enframing is a particular way of viewing the world. To enframe the world is to consider the various elements of nature: rocks, animals, and trees as merely a potential resource and nothing more.

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(by: Wisecrack)

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