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Concept: The ARM, The Ultimate Stand For iPads And Android Tablets

@ February 25, 2012

The iPad it's such an incredible device. It looks cool browsing the web with one hand, but usually you need to operate the tablet with two hands… and after a while... gets tiring. What's the point of having mobile devices like this if you can't find new and innovative ways to enjoy them?

Davide propose the ARMthe most versatile stand for iPad and any other tablet model, that can be used in a wide range of situations (not unlike many other stands conceived for one particular scenario).

The ARM is perfect to use on the desk…
  • as for web browsing and multimedia, watching movies. 
  • Pair it with a keyboard, use it  as a non-conventional computer…
  • Even better as a dual monitor, mount your iPad above the computer screen, or beside: it's perfect to watch instructions, mails, ebooks or video tutorial whilst following along on your computer screen: you get an incredible multimedia station. 

  • The adjustable bracket extends over your head, you don't have to worry about stability issues and adjust it to suit your preferred viewing angle with ease.

  • Sitting, laying on the couch… or reclining in an armchair recliner… choose your position and adjust the ARM to suit your preferred viewing angle with ease, and hands free.
If you don't have  a TABLET STAND yet… this is the best time to get one… the ARM.

(support this project on Kickstarter)

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